Ultramenthol 60

Nicotine Strength
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Ultramenthol S&V 60 ml. 

Probably the most potent mint liquid on the market, like those candies that "freeze" your chest.

With this liquid, you will feel the polar freshness sensation traveling from your mouth to your chest, passing through your throat, leaving you with a pleasant mint flavor.

It consists of:

- One 60 ml bottle containing 40 ml of Ultramenthol CONCENTRATE without nicotine

- 1 bottle of Herrera PG

- 1 bottle of Herrera VG

Select the final nicotine concentration you desire for the 60 ml.

Tobacco Flavor

Since they are naturally extracted from tobacco plants, our liquids are true to their flavor.


Manufactured in a European laboratory with ISO 9001:2015 certification.


All components comply with USP and UP standards.

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