When I opened my first vaping store back in 2010, there were only a few pioneers in the business, and the selection of e-liquids available to offer customers was limited.

Back then, we only knew that vaping was infinitely less harmful than smoking tobacco, but we weren't certain about its long-term consequences.

For that reason, I always understood that if vapers had to worry about something, it was the e-liquids, because ultimately it's what you "put into your body," so to speak.

Since at that time we had little more than liquids from China and without many guarantees, I began to focus my efforts on finding e-liquids with proven quality in all their components, liquids made in laboratories that offered guarantees and could demonstrate a quality control process in their production.

This led me to become the first importer of brands that quickly became very popular. However, soon other stores began to import them as well, and most of those that opened afterward did the same. So, in my effort to distinguish myself from the competition, I created the HERRERA e-liquids brand.

HERRERA was born with the following premises:

- The highest quality in all its components

- Quality control in production

- Competitive price for the quality offered

- True tobacco flavor, making the liquids with tobacco plants

- Guarantee: Produced in a European laboratory

But also, what we aimed for was to create a liquid that would be "the one you use every day." Not a special liquid, not with a surprising flavor, no frills. Herrera was conceived and designed for those of us who switched to vaping seeking the taste of tobacco without all its harmful components. We finally found it with Abarra and Viura, two tobacco flavors made with real tobacco. We also thought of mint lovers and created Ultramenthol for them to have a very special and ultra-strong mint.

Since then, we have continued to add new flavors to the brand, always Naturally Extracted Tobaccos.

Javier Contrasta